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Meet Alice MacLeod, a unique and offbeat teen girl, and her equally unconventional family; Diane, Alice’s new-age feminist mom, John, her endearing slacker father and who could forget MacGregor, Alice’s brainy 10 year old brother. While the Macleod parents are loving and supportive, they have failed to prepare their children for real life- Alice was home-schooled from the age of 6 and has only recently been allowed to attend a public high school- unfortunately her bizarre fashion sense is as painfully out-of-touch as she is. To help Alice “sprout perceptively”, her therapist-in-training, Bob, loans her an ancient video camera to diarize her daily life. Alice’s diary exposes the mundanities of life in a small town from her skewed and always amusing point of view.

  • Audience8+ AND FAMILY
  • Format13x22 MINS